Expand Your Musical Horizons – episode 70


uploaded 20 October, 2010

Expand Your Musical Horizons – #70 by Djcary on Mixcloud

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Twin Muses join us again for another episode

It’s time for another hour of chilled-out music. We’ve got some old friends in episode 70 and some new ones, too. We start out with another track from Twin Muses, whom you heard in episode 69, and end with an amazing, gorgeous track from Moscow-based Alfida.


  1. TWIN MUSES: Mystery is Ecstasy (from the EP “French Afrocentric,” on the Dusted Wax Kingdom netlabel. Download from www.dustedwax.org)
  2. COPIA DOBLE SYSTEMA: Cumbia Colegiala (Mezcla Radyo) (from the EP “Cumbia Colegiala,” buy from iTunes or Amazon)
  3. THE WARHEADS: Bombay Calling Pt. 5 (from the EP “Bombay Calling,” www.thewarheads.com)
  4. ASTROPILOT: Sweet Dark Indian Night (from the album “Mitra – The Unreleased Files,” download from Altar Records)
  5. MINDGUM: Starfall (unreleased, find it on SoundCloud)
  6. GALAXY: Toksin (from the album “Everlasting Tone,” released on Chillcode Records. Buy it from www.psyshop.com)
  7. STENDHAL SYNDROME: These Walls (from the release “Blinding Lights,” find it on www.bandcamp.com)
  8. THINK: All Wet (from the compilation “Echodub Loves [Vol 02],” released on the Echodub netlabel)
  9. DJ RACY A.J.: Initial (from the release “R.A.J. LP,” Dusted Wax Kingdom netlabel, www.dustedwax.org)
  10. ZENGINEERS: The Veil (Time Pipelines Pt 1) (from the release “The 5th Realm,” released on the Ideology netlabel, www.ideology.de)
  11. VLADISLAV BUBEN: 898 / Vagon No898 (from the release “Buben vs Volha Hapeyeve,” released on the H-A-Z-E netlabel, http://h-a-z-e.org)
  12. ALFIDA: Kuzlaring (original mix) (from the release “Kuzlaring,” buy from iTunes)

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