Expand Your Musical Horizons – episode 59

Expandizons – 59

uploaded 13 January, 2010

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Lovers and Poets have a track from their debut EP in this episode.

It’s the first episode of 2010…and the year is off to a good start with over an hour  of aural wonderfulness. Episode 59 starts with a track from Indonesia’s Everybody Loves Irene, and ending with a new release from Denmark’s Lauge & Baba Gnohm, you should grab your favorite headphones and get ready for lots of chilled grooves from netlabel and indie artists.


1. EVERYBODY LOVES IRENE – Rindu (from the album “On second thought, I might wanna change some things.” Buy from iTunes)

2. CDK – On Earth (secret mix) (download from ccMixter.org)

3. UNIVERSAL CONSTRUCTORS – Zero Point Energy (from the album “Meteor Maker,” download from www.jamendo.com)

4. ANDREA PORCU – Polluted Sea (original mix) (from the EP “I Can Wait” — Studio Stereo 002 — download from The Studio Stereo Releases blog)

5. ZYMOSIS – Zygomata (from the album “Fragments,” download from Last.fm and buy their other music through iTunes)

6. LOVERS & POETS – Life is Strange (from the EP “Lovers and Poets” — buy from iTunes or Amazon)

7. LIQUID NOTE PROJECT – Café Bahía (download from www.jamendo.com)

8. DR. 800XL – He decidido ser feliz (feat. La Monine) (from the album “Vesania,” download from the Pueblo Nuevo netlabel)

9. HENRIK JOSE – Energy is for Henrik (from the collection “Henrik José 2007,” download from his website)

10. POETIZE CODE – My Planet (from the album “Sonora,” download from the Psicotropicodelia netlabel)

11. ENLOUNGE – Morning Espresso (from the compilation “Nivel del Mar- Sounds for Soulsurfers,” download from Phlow Magazine’s website)

12. 0 MUSICIANS – South of Paris (from the album “Play,” download from the 23 Seconds netlabel)

13. LAUGE & BABA GNOHM – Beyond the Peak (from the EP “Monolith,” download from the Ektoplazm netlabel)

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