EXPANDIZONS – episode 102


uploaded 20 February, 2018

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A track from the compilation "One Loffelchen-Various Birds" from Drosssel Records was featured in this episode.
Rodrigo Gallardo’s track from the “1Loffelchen” compilation is featured in this episode.

This eclectic one-hour episode will warm you on a winter’s night or chill you on a hot day. As usual, we roam the globe and discover interesting and evocative tracks from artists in South America, Germany, Russia, Lithuania, Romania, Canada, USA, and Italy. Relax and put your headphones on — the details are sweet.


  1. Muno – “Martin Fierro” (from “the Copias Telúricas” EP). Buy this EP from Bandcamp.
  2. Radj – “Taina” (from his EP “Fiore” on the Dusted Wax Kingdom netlabel). Buy it from Bandcamp.
  3. San Miguel & Our Y – “Temple of Divine Serpent (Original Mix)” (from the compilation “Heimlich II”). Buy from Bandcamp.
  4. Azamat – “Children of Desert” (from “Not only silence between us”). Buy it from Bandcamp.
  5. Ʋiqtourson – “Just Human” (from “Seaside Trip EP 1704”). Buy it from Bandcamp.
  6. Rodrigo Gallardo – “Kalimera”  (from the EP “1 Loffelchen”) from Drosssel in Berlin. Buy this release from Bandcamp.
  7. Giriu Dvasios – “Gydantis Lietus” (from the EP “Gydantis Lietus”). Buy it from Bandcamp. This EP was released on ColdTear Records.
  8. Shantifax -“Delicate Signs” (from the album “Behind Behind”). Buy it from Bandcamp.
  9. Push Against New Fakes – “Every single d[e]lay” (from the EP “Be Kind”), released on the Laverna netlabel. Buy this release from Bandcamp.
  10. Saluna – “Pieces” (from the EP “Pieces”). Get it from Local Records in Romania. And follow Saluna on Soundcloud.
  11. Karmacoda – “When Winter Snows.” Buy their music from iTunes.

Giriu Dvasios (founder of ColdTear Records) has a podcast about his life as a techno producer, and shares videos on Patreon of his production processes. Here’s one of those videos.

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