EXPANDIZONS – episode 101

EXPANDIZONS podcast – episode 101

uploaded 3 June, 2017

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EXPANDIZONS episode 101 will lift your spirits with an hour of chilled minimal tracks and some world exotica. A lot of these sounds came from Soundcloud and Bandcamp, and the artists are from Brazil, Russia, Germany, France, and Switzerland. Enjoy this hour of audio bliss, and be sure to support the artists.


  1. NICOLAS PERA – Reconnect (UnderYourSkin Records). Buy more of his music from Beatport.
  2. MAIIA – Spanish Kiss (from the compilation “Mystic Chill” on Ektoplazm)
  3. DANDARA – Ida Y Vuelta (Buy it from Bandcamp)
  4. NINZE – Snow (original mix) – (from the compilation “Heimlich I” — buy it from Bandcamp)
  5. AZAMAT – For sure (album version) – (from the release “Not only silence between us” – from Soundcloud)
  6. LANDHOUSE & RADDANTZE – Major Kusanagi (from “Seaside Trip 1701” – buy it from Bandcamp. Also follow Seaside Trip — they’re amazing.)
  7. IORIE & LUNA – No Rush (original mix) – (from the compilation “Heimlich I” — buy it from Bandcamp)
  8. KICK BONG – Above the tree (from the EP “Above the tree” on Cosmicleaf Records. Buy it from Bandcamp or iTunes)
  9. AOR AGNI – Black Light Attack (from “Louise in the Sky with Diamonds, volume 1” — buy it from Bandcamp)

See Nicolas Pera perform live in this video:

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