EXPANDIZONS – episode 100

EXPANDIZONS – episode 100

Uploaded 7 February, 2017

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Hey, we finally reached a milestone — episode #100! And to celebrate, we’ve got a shiny new podcast full of sonic enjoyment. As usual, these tracks were carefully selected from indie artists around the world.

To get us in the right frame of mind right away, we start with a track from Boozooks — two German guys who make good music and deserve a lot more attention. They’re followed by Amur from Romania, who released his first EP on Local Records. It’s instrumental and emotive, yet it slowly builds into an uplifting, high-energy track.

You might recognize the Karmacoda track in this episode –“Song for a Winter’s Night” — especially if you’re a regular listener of SOMA FM. This track features Karmacoda’s “new” lead singer, Jessica Ford, whose powerful vocals can spellbind an audience.

Everything wraps up an hour later with a new track from DML (Dirk Lamprecht) from his new release on Broque Records in Germany. So put on your favorite headphones and kick back. As we always say, “Relax and enjoy the ride!”


  1. BOOZOOKS – “Indigo” (Soundcloud). You can also buy their track on the “Visions Part 2” release with Martin Kremser and Curtis Newton.
  2. AMUR — “LW,” (from “Nouă” on Local Records).  Buy it from Bandcamp.
  3. VEJOPATIS — “Sviro Lingo” (from “Versmes” on Cold Tear Records). Buy Vejopatis music from Bandcamp.
  4. DOXENT ZSIGMOND — “Homesick (featuring Kizzy Lotus and Javolenus).”  From ccMixter.
  5. AZAMAT — “Telling Me” (from “Not only silence between us”). Find it on Bandcamp.
  6. MANFREDAS — “Edit Service 75” (distributed on Soundcloud by I’m a Cliche).
  7. IN VITRO — “El Hombre Libre (Dub Mix)” (from “El Hombre Libre” on Kreislauf Records). You can find this release on archive.org.
  8. UTOPYK & EL FULMINADOR — “Heroes (Winter),” (from “Heroes,” on Fulmen Records). Buy from Bandcamp.
  9. KARMACODA — “Song for a Winter’s Night.” Buy Karmacoda tracks from iTunes.
  10. DML – “sfw,” (from “DML – The Chemistry of Boredom,” Broque Records). Buy from amazon.com in Europe or from Beatport.

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Here’s some more from Boozooks — a mix they made for Seaside Trip.

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