EXPANDIZONS – episode 99

EXPANDIZONS – episode 99

Uploaded 22 November, 2016

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Andrey Rico is one of the featured artists in this podcastOK. I know it’s been a long wait for a new EXPANDIZONS episode. But finally we’ve got some some new electronic goodies for your listening pleasure. Episode 99 starts with a remix track from Nightflier on ccMixter — you might appreciate the message. Then continue the groove through some netlabel and minimal tracks that I think you’ll enjoy. Lots of good stuff from Deep-X Recordings in Russia, Broque in Germany, Cold Tear in Germany, Cosmicleaf in Greece, and ccMixter. Put on your headphones, let’s go!



  1. NIGHTFLIER featuring SNOWFLAKE – “Living Nightmare” – find it on ccMixter.org!
  2. MELLENA – “Melody of Life” from the release “Vertigo,” Deep-X Recordings.
  3. VEJOPATIS – “Dai Kai Prijojo,” from the release “Versmes,” Cold Tear Records, Lithuania.
  4. KICK BONG – “Destiny,” from the release “Destiny,” Cosmicleaf Records. Buy it from Bandcamp, iTunes, or other online sellers.
  5. MOZ DESIGN – “Depression is Destiny,” from the release “Forgotten Impacts” on Deep-X Recordings. Buy it from iTunes.
  6. LINUS & EINGRAD – “Traumfahrt,” from the release “Traumfahrt” on Broque Records in Germany. Buy it from Beatport.
  7. VADIM KOTINSKIY – “Leaving Train,” from the release “Night in Amsterdam,” Deep-X Recordings.
  8. DANDARA & ARUTANI – “Rimas y Leyendas” — hear it on Soundcloud.
  9. ALEC TRONIQ – “Like so,” from the release “Mind Mill” on Broque Records.
  10. DYDJEJ_INJA with KARA SQUARE – “Rekonstrakt.” Hear it on ccMixter, follow him on Soundcloud.
  11. ANDREY RICO – “Coming Home,” from the release “Coming Home” on Deep-X Records. Buy more of Andrey’s music on Beatport and follow him on Soundcloud.

Want to hear more Kick Bong? Here’s one of his classic albums: Secret Garden.

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