“Destiny” — great new album from Kick Bong

Just released in September 2016 — “Destiny” from Kick Bong

From its opening track “Time in suspense,” I was hooked on “Destiny,” Kick Bong’s new album. Gentle percussive grooves mix world, ambient, jazz, and a hint of Kick Bong-style psychedelia. The flute (Ludivine Dubos) adds the perfect touch. This album is lush and every track works together to complete a perfect musical destiny.

Kick Bong (aka Franck Jousselin) is based in Paris. He started releasing albums in 2005, starting with the outstanding album “Cup of Tea.” Originally on Ultra Vista Records, the album sold out and went out of print. It was later re-released on Cosmicleaf.

“Destiny” also released on Cosmicleaf records, which is a perfect label fit for King Bong. It’s available to buy on Bandcamp. Congrats to Franck, Cydelix, and Ludivine on a great release!

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