EXPANDIZONS – episode 98

Expandizons podcast episode 98

uploaded 9 April, 2016

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Episode 98 is full of electronic goodies for your sonic enjoyment. It features music from netlabels and cc-music houses like Sostanze Records in Italy, Miga in Spain, Deep-X in Russia, Local Records in Romania, Laridae in Austria, Digital Diamonds and Dreiton in Germany, Blocsonic, and ccMixter. We also feature a couple of new tracks from some of our favorite indie labels: SINE Music and Cosmicleaf. Enjoy!


  1. SIMON SPE – “Der Kraken Utem” (from “Thirty,” Dreiton netlabel)
  2. IV-IN – “Lie Ciocarlie” with Elena Vasilache (from Soundcloud. See his release on Local Records)
  3. THOMAS LEMMER featuring Naemi Joy – “Forever (SINE Remix)” (From the EP “Forever.” Buy from iTunes or Amazon.)
  4. GOMEZ – “Calmer” (From “300,” Deep-X Recordings)
  5. NOWHERE FAST –  “Plus i” (from the EP “Louder,” Sostanze Records netlabel)
  6. ADAPT – “Alone on Mars,” (from “Vamos a un lugar espacial,” Miga netlabel)
  7. MARCO MESTICHELLA – “Treason” (from blocsonic’s “45” series) See Marco’s website.
  8. SIDE LINER with AVIRON – “No Borders.” (From “Out of Town.”  Buy from iTunes, Amazon, or Bandcamp)
  9. FIRNWALD – “Munich Snow Kids” (from “Transit Munich,” Laridae netlabel. Buy this release from iTunes.)
  10. FRECHBAX featuring Alex Rutschmann – “Summertime” (from “Knabaustelmann,” Digital Diamonds. Buy from Bandcamp)
  11. LOVESHADOW – “Sometimes Sometimes,” featuring vocals from “The Concept of Energy.” (ccMixter)

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