EXPANDIZONS – episode 97

EXPANDIZONS – episode 97

uploaded 01 March 2016

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IV-IN is from Local Records in Romania.
IV-IN is from Local Records in Romania.

It’s the 10-year anniversary of EXPANDIZONS. And we have a shiny new podcast of cool electronica to celebrate — episode 97. We’re featuring 12 great tracks from indie artists and netlabels from South America, Mexico, New Zealand, UK, Germany, and Romania.


  1. D-ECHO PROJECT – Qualquer Coisa Folk (from the release “A Blend of Nature” on Ektoplazm.com. Buy from Bandcamp.)
  2. LEÓNIDAS GHIONE – Cambio el corazon. (From the EP “Narowé” – buy from Bandcamp).
  3. RUIDO SELECTO – Oculto (from the release “Secret Lab” on the Monofónicos netlabel).
  4. ZIFHANG – Donde Esta (from the EP “Islamiento” on the Dusted Wax Kingdom netlabel).
  5. URBANTRAMPER – My Heart Beats Slow (from the compilation “netBloc Volume 45: Old Orchard Avenue” – blocSonic).
  6. ALEC TRONIQ AND GABRIEL VITEL – Mind Doodles (from the Broque netlabel release “Mind Mill,” which you can find at broque.de).
  7. REY IZAIN  – The Writer (featuring a vocal from myvanillaworld) From ccMixter.org.
  8. PAUL JAST – Altruistic (featuring Delor). (From the SINE Music compilation “Chillbar Volume 4″). Buy this release from iTunes, Amazon, or Beatport.
  9. BAUMFREUND – Lapidosus (from the compilation “Thirty” from the Dreiton netlabel).
  10. NEW DELHI FM – At Night (from the release “Swim,” buy from iTunes)
  11. IV-IN – Baba Yaga (from his release “Aerian” on Local Records in Romania)
  12. HAUTE CULTURE – Gladias (from the EP “The Chordial,” Local Records)

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