Expandizons – episode 93

Expandizons – episode 93 (expand your musical horizons)

EXPANDIZONS – episode 93 by Djcary on Mixcloud

Episode 93 highlights some great new artists plus new releases from a few favorites. Starting with a trip-hoppy ethnogroove from German artist Astroboter, chill out to a unique new track from  Utopyk & El Fulminador (Berlin), plus Pele & Shawnecy, Klangstein, Karmacoda, and more. This mix comes to a sweet finish with a track from Kick Bong & Squazoid. Relax and enjoy the ride!


  1. ASTROBOTER – The Wheel of Time (from “Beat Sutras Vol. II” on Psychedelic Dungeon Records. Buy it from Bandcamp)
  2. UTOPYK & EL FULMINADOR – Rätsel (tief) (from the release “Rätsel” on Fulmen Records – buy it from Bandcamp)
  3. PELE & SHAWNECY – Savago (from “Re:Face Session Seventeen” – buy from iTunes or Beatport)
  4. KLANGSTEIN (FEAT LYS-JANE) – Sleepwalkers (from “Orbit” [SINE Music].  Buy from iTunes)
  5. EMILIO & HINA – Ich bin (San Miguel’s I’m Bless Remix) (from “We Love Berlin 5 – Minimal Techno Parade.” Phonothek Records (Berlin). Buy from iTunes or Beatport.)
  6. GRANLAB – POP CITY (from the EP “Munich Style Battle” on the Broque.de netlabel. This was a competition between different artists to interpret a song in many different ways. Buy it from Beatport.)
  7. SANDEEP BHANDARI – This Time it Might Be Real (from “Dive Volume 2,” on Magnatune.com, a Creative Commons music service)
  8. KARMACODA (feat. Anji Bee) – Naive (from “Love and Fate, Vol 1.” Buy from iTunes or Amazon.)
  9. TRACING ARCS – Voodoo (from “Wasteland,” on Jamendo.com)
  10. NEOGOAUnited Spirit (from the upcoming release “Shamanizm Parallelii”)
  11. KICK BONG & SQUAZOID – Le Fée Du Vent (from “Ethnic Vision,” Cosmicleaf Records. Buy from Beatport, Bandcamp, or other music sellers)


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