Expand Your Musical Horizons – episode 26

Expand Your Musical Horizons – episode 26

uploaded 01 April 2008

This episode begins with another nicely chilled track from Sine, from their EP Cross That Line. You can buy it from iTunes or Amazon.

Then, we go back to 1999, to a classic downtempo album that helped to define the genre: Peace Orchestra (Peter Kruder) and the track The Man, Part One. Thank you to Ioda for making this track available in this podcast.

Next comes a cool track from The Friendship Trust in Canada. Please check out their website!

You might remember that we had some music from Ultimae Records in episode 21. Well, we have more epic soundscapes from Ultimae…this time the amazing Aes Dana, with Skyclad.

Many of the other tracks in this episode are from some of the best netlabels on the web: BhasmantamKoan (who has been on this podcast several times before), AcidheadCitizen Crane, and Groove Inc.

Expand Your Musical Horizons also welcomes back Psyrok from the UK (who was in episode 22). Please buy his album from CDBaby. And — also new to this podcast –we are delighted to present a very chilled-out track from dance-music artists ITP in Israel!

1. SINE – Slowjam, from the Cross that Line EP, available for sale on iTunes

2. PEACE ORCHESTRA (Peter Kruder) – The Man, Part One (from the album Peace Orchestra on G-Stone Records, available for sale on Amazon and iTunes)

3. THE FRIENDSHIP TRUST – Keeping Things in Check ( from the album An Interest in Technology)

4. AES DANA – Skyclad (High Frequencies version), (from the compilation Fahrenheit Project Part One, from Ultimae Records…. available for sale on iTunes and Amazon)

5. BHASMANTAM – Ichikawa-shi, chiba from his EP on the Laverna.net netlabel

6. KOAN – Priceless Diamonds, from the Fulfilled Wish EP on the Sunstation netlabel

7. ITP – “Lose Your Illusion Part II” from their album “Lose Your Illusion”

8. PSYROK – “Soma (2006)” from the EP “Psyrok”

9. ACIDHEAD – “Time is Gone,” from the album “Time is Gone,” on the Dharmasound netlabel.

10. CITIZEN CRANE, Stress, from the “Mystical Forces EP on the Dusted Wax Kingdom netlabel

11. GROOVE INC., ELIPSE, from the album Under Hypnosis, on the Dusted Wax Kingdom netlabel.

If you enjoyed the Peace Orchestra track, then you’d like Tosca (also on G-Stone Records), which is comprised of Peter Kruder and Richard Dorfmeister. Here’s a video of a classic Tosca track: