Expand Your Musical Horizons – episode 82


uploaded 25 January 2012

Expand Your Musical Horizons – Episode 82 by Djcary on Mixcloud

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Starting with some chill vocal tracks from Alfida, Psyrok, and Lazy Hammock, and ending with tribal beats from Astropilot and electro-spaghetti-western vibes from Shantifax, this episode also delivers a delicious cumbia and psybient filling  in the center. 1h14m of pure bliss!

The tracklist:

  1. ALFIDA – Eglama (Pag remix) (buy Alfida’s music through iTunes or Amazon)
  2. PSYROK & LI’L SISTER JEN – A World Unknown (from the “Calculus” EP on Psylince Records– buy from Amazon or CD Baby)
  3. LAZY HAMMOCK – Daybreak (Dub Chill Mix) (from the album “The Prophet” — buy from iTunes or Amazon. Don’t miss her interview episode from 2008!)
  4. STEFAN TORTO – Astral Visions (from the release “Astral Visions,” Cosmicleaf Records, buy from iTunes or Amazon)
  5. MAHARASHI  – Shadowland (featuring Extatic) (from “Sense of Feather,” Space Baby Records, find it on Ektoplazm)
  6. L’ONIRAUNOTE – Fender Curry (from “Les Chimeres Exquises,” Budabeats netlabel)
  7. SCOPES – Life (from “Psyderchill,” find it on Ektoplazm.com)
  8. LEADSMEN – Austere (from “Words Unspoken EP,” thanks to IODA Promonet, buy it from iTunes or Amazon)
  9. ALTOPERU – Fantoche  (hear more of their tracks on SoundCloud)
  10. KLANGSTEIN – Rocket (from “Chillbar Volume 3,” SINE Music, buy from iTunes or Amazon)
  11. ASTROPILOT – Yasmin (2011 rework) (from “Turlitava,” find it on Ektoplazm. Buy Astropilot’s new album, “Fruits of the Imagination,” just released on Altar Records!)
  12. SHANTIFAX  – Desert Trip (with Tommy Mirror)  (from “Delete Automation,” find it on Ektoplazm)


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And finally, more video goodies — first, Lazy Hammock:

And Klangstein with RamsayGee: