Expand Your Musical Horizons – the first episode (Magnatune)

EXPANDIZONS – first episode
The Magnatune downtempo podcast

Originally released in the spring of 2006.

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Downtempo Chill - MagnatuneThis was the first official podcast for Expand Your Musical Horizons (now EXPANDIZONS) in 2006.

Sample tracks from downtempo/chillout compilations I compiled for Magnatune.com: “Downtempo Chill 1 and 2,” “After Dinner Lounge,” and “Power Synths.” Features 11 tracks, including Artemis, Curl, Etherfysh, and Lizzi.


  1. Ashwan/Lisa Benedictis “Bellow” (from the CD “MixterOne”)
  2. Dr. Kuch | “Oui Moisseur Chiubelle” from the CD “Analog Disease”)
  3. Artemis |”Fountain of Life” (from the CD “Gravity“)
  4. Ammonite | “Sunset” (from the CD “Reconnection”)
  5. Trancevision | “Alpha” (from the album”Lemuria”)
  6. Lizzi | “Gone” (from the album “Love and You and I”)
  7. Mr. Epic | “Ruff and Tumble” (from the album “Sideways”)
  8. Etherfysh | “Orange” (from the album “Box of Fysh”)
  9. Curl | “Choice” (from the album “Ultimate Station”)
  10. Stargarden | “Termoli” (from the album “Music for Modern Listening”)
  11. Mr Gelatine | “Krysnamushrooms” (from the album “Electroluv)


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  1. Cary Norsworthy

    Hi. These are old podcasts, but they were all listed in a long, scrolling list on a single webpage. I’ve set up a blog and I will slowly be moving them into the blog, starting with the oldest ones first.

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